Setup Instructions


The very first step in accessing the garden is to obtain your email and password from Customer Support.  Both are important to write down because you will need them both to be able to access any feature of the Garden.

Before you start the process, there are some changes you probably want to make to your computer if (1) your computer has not had regular access to the internet and (2) has not been receiving Windows updates regularly AND (3) you have a Jetpack or other connection with data limits.  If all three conditions are true, please “meter” your connection before proceeding.

There are three main steps to getting set up to access the Garden:

  1. Install the Verizon client to secure your computer
  2. Install Chrome as your browser (this is a suggestion and is not required)
  3. Setup your email by installing Thunderbird as your email client, or set up another email client, like Outlook, to access your email

Also, at any time, you can contact Customer Support and have us assist you.  We will likely ask you to setup a remote session using the box on the right menu bar that asks you to “Enter Session ID” – one of our customer support people will give you the session ID.

What follows are instructions on those three steps.

  1. A technician may assist you in installing your Verizon Jetpack.

If you can read this page, you already have a connection and are using some browser, perhaps Internet Explorer, Firefox, or MS Edge.  We have found that the service works best with Chrome, but you can use another browser if you desire.  If you want to use Chrome click on the link below:

2. Instructions for installing Chrome as your browser

You have now successfully installed the software necessary for your Garden connection.  If you want to verify that your system is secure at any time, please follow these verification instructions:

3. Instructions for verifying that your system is secure

If you have a Jetpack, please contact us so that we can activate to only allow your computers to use that connection to the Garden.  Don’t forget to meter your connection once that Jetpack is activated and the Wi-fi name has changed.

You should be able to access your email via Garden Mail in your browser, but if you want, you can set up an email client.  There are many clients to choose from.  We support Thunderbird, although some people like using Outlook.  To set up your email, follow the links below:

4a. Instructions for installing and setting up email in Thunderbird

4b. Instructions for setting up email in Outlook

Feel free to also download other software we have made available to you.   Enjoy.