Setting up email in Outlook

*** NOTE: Avast Antivirus software may cause problems accessing your email without issuing a warning or error. If you are using Avast and are having trouble connecting to email, please either temporarily disable it or uninstall. ***

1. Open Outlook, and click on Fileoutlook 1


2. Click on Account Settings, and then again on Account Settings

Outlook 2


3. Click on New…

Outlook 3


4. Click on Manual setup, and Next.

Outlook 4


5. Click on POP or IMAP and Next.

Outlook 5


6. Type in your name, email address, choose IMAP (unless you know you want POP), type in for both servers, your email address as your user name, and your password.  Then click More SettingsOutlook 7


7.  Click the Outgoing Server tab.

Outlook 8


8. Click My outgoing server requires authentication, then OK, and click Next when you get back to the screen from Step 6.Outlook 9


9. Click on the Advanced Tab and make sure the type of encrypted connection is TLS.

Outlook 8a 2

10. You should pass the tests to send and received email.  Click Close and close out of other windows to start using Outlook.Outlook 10


You should be all set up, so please enjoy your Garden experience.