Setting Up From a Thumb Drive

What follows are instructions for setting up your Garden connection and securing your computer.


Before installing the Verizon Agent, make sure you have Google Chrome installed on your computer. If you do not have it installed, open the “Other Software” folder on the USB memory stick and double click on the “Chrome Installer”

You will need to remove any anti-virus program from your computer before installing the Verizon Agent.  Some examples of antivirus programs are: AVG, McAfee, Norton, and Kaspersky.

*Windows Defender must remain on the computer. Only Windows Defender works with the Verizon Agent.*

Step 1: Installing the Verizon Agent

1.1. Double click on the VerizonAgentSetup file on your USB memory stick

1.2. The InstallShield Wizard Welcome screen should appear after a few seconds.  Click Next.

vz 1


1.3. Accept the terms of use for the Verizon software by clicking on “I accept the terms…” and then clicking Next.

vz 2


1.4. Enter your email as your username and your password and click Next.

vz 3


1.5. Click Install to continue.

vz 4

1.6. Windows will ask if you want to allow the following program to make changes to your computer, click Yes.  Windows may ask this question twice, please click Yes when prompted regarding allowing changes to your computer throughout the installation process.

Verizon allow changes

1.7. When you get the InstallShield Wizard Completed page, click Finish.

vz 5


1.8. Please restart your computer and you should be secured and ready to use the Garden.

Step 2: Connect and Test

2.1 Establish a data connection.  That connection can be using any Wifi or ethernet cable available, or a Jetpack.  If you have a Jetpack, you can follow the instructions below, or if you have already established a wifi or other connection, please skip to Step 3.6.

2.2 If you received a SIM card separate from your Jetpack, please pull off the back cover of the Jetpack and the battery and put in the SIM card.

2.3 Turn the device on and give it a few minutes to connect to the cellular network.

2.4 Press the middle button, the check mark below the screen, to obtain the Wi-fi name and password for the hotspot the Jetpack has created.

2.5 Turn on Wifi on your computer and connect to the Jetpack’s wireless network entering the password when prompted.

2.6. Test your connection by clicking on or typing it into your browser, and you should get the message below.   If you did not, your connection is not working, please try check you connection again, or call us at 1-888-268-3953.

access restricted

STEP 3: Verify you are secure

3.1. Open Google Chrome and go to If you see “Welcome to the Garden” you are secure and ready to explore the garden.
If you see “Private Garden is Private” Call customer support immediately. 1-888-268-3953

Step 4: Install the private garden application

In Google Chrome, go to the Resource Library to install the Private Garden Application

Step 5: (Optional) Metering your connection

There are some changes you probably want to make to your computer if (1) your computer has not had regular access to the internet and (2) has not been receiving Windows updates regularly AND (3) you have a Jetpack or other connection with data limits.  If all three conditions are true, please follow the directions below to “meter” your connection, otherwise process to Step 5 Setting up your email.

Windows tries to updates its operating system fairly regularly.  If you have not been receiving the updates because your computer has not been connected to the internet, Windows will try to download all the missing updates.  This can total several gigabytes of data right away.  If you have a Jetpack or other device that has a monthly data limit, this can become a significant one time expense.  To avoid Windows downloading all its missing updates all at once, you need to “meter” your connection if you are using Windows 8 or 10, or change your settings on Windows 7 to not automatically download updates. Metering your connection will only allow Windows to update priority updates over a particular connection.  You can meter one connection at a time.  Essentially, every Wifi that you connect to needs to be metered individually.  Windows will rely on the name of the Wifi connection.  That means you can meter your Jetpack while not metering the free wifi at McDonald’s, for example.  Your computer will then use McDonald’s Wifi to download the updates that are not high priority.

Be aware that you can meter your connection now, but if you are using a Jetpack, you will have to meter the connection again when the Jetpack is activated and the Wi-fi name changes. Just come back to these instructions after the Jetpack is activated and meter the new connection.

If you want to upgrade to Windows 10, we suggest you do so over an connection that does not have a data limit or charge.

To make the necessary changes, choose your operating system for detailed instructions:

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 10


To meter your Windows 7 computer:

5.1. Click on the Windows button on your taskbar

meter 7 1


5.2. Type “windows update” in the Search box

meter 7 2


5.3. Click on Check for updatesmeter 7 3


5.4. Click on Change Settings

meter 7 4


5.5. Click on the down arrow to get more options. meter 7 5


5.6. Choose Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them.meter 7 6


5.7. Click OK to make the change permanent.

meter 7 7


You will get occasional requests about downloading updates, follow the instructions and just choose the priority updates, or download all of them when you are on an un-metered connection.

To meter a connection using Windows 8:

5.1. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, tap Settings.  (If you’re using a mouse, point to the upper-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer down, click Settings)

meter 8 1


5.2. then tap Change PC settings at the bottom right.

meter 8 2


5.3. If you need to click Network (sometimes it will bring you there automatically)

meter 8 3

5.4. If you need to click Connections (unless it brought you there automatically)

meter 8 4

5.5. Tap or click the connection you want to change, and

meter 8 5

5.6.  Turn Set as a metered connection on or off by clicking on it.

meter 8 6

5.7. Now close or exit out of the window after confirming that the connection is metered.

meter 8 7



To meter a connection on a Windows 10 computer:

5.1. Click on the Wi-Fi connection in the taskbar on the far right side

meter 10 1


5.2. Click Network settings at the bottom of the panel that pops up.

meter 10 2


5.3. This will open the Settings app. Click on Advanced Options

meter 10 3


5.4. Click on Set as metered connection until the button says On.

meter 10 4


5.5. Close the window by clicking on the X.

meter 10 5

STep 6: your email

Launch Garden Mailbox

Launch Garden Quarantine

The Garden service includes the use of third party e-mail which comes in two parts: (1) the filter and (2) the mailbox.

The quarantine: All incoming emails will be filtered and scanned for viruses, spam, phishing, fraud and objectionable file types by both human and computer algorithms.  Clearly objectionable or dangerous emails will be blocked by the filtering service and will not be accessible by you.  Emails that are not eliminated outright, but are suspicious in nature, will be “quarantined”.  You will get a daily email to alert you to email that has been quarantined called a Spam Digest.  By following the links on the daily email, or going to your quarantine “Personal Dashboard“, you can release or delete the email and put email addresses on an approved list so that future emails from that address are not put into quarantine and are sent directly to the inbox of your mailbox. Emails that are from approved senders or are deemed harmless are sent to your inbox in your mailbox on our private mail server.

The mailbox:   Each subscriber is assigned an email address and email can be access via a browser.

For more information on how to handle email, please visit the 3rd Party Email portion of the User Guide.

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