Software library

Walled Garden will provide each subscriber with a software package as part of the initial setup.  This package includes all necessary software to allow access to the Private Garden.  Also available are a number of freeware programs including Open Office and Thunderbird.   These two programs resemble Microsoft Office and Outlook.

Click on the links below to download the software:

Verizon agent (creates the secure connection to the Garden)

*New* Private Garden Application Version 5.6 (The application needed to view the Private Garden Resource Library)

Thunderbird (an email client)

Open Office (an alternative to Microsoft Office for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations)

Adobe Acrobat Reader (to view PDF files)

PDF Redirect (a more comprehensive PDF file management software)

Chrome browser (a browser client)

*Old* Private Garden Application Version 5.3

We also have a number of software packages available for purchase. Many of these programs are no longer available in disc form and can only be installed by downloading them onto your computer.  [[We expect to be able to do this for you remotely, but please allow us some time to determine the best method of action.]]