Installing Verizon agent

Installing the Verizon Agent

These instructions assume you to currently be using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (or Edge if using Windows 10) to view this page.

1. To install the Verizon agent, first download by clicking on the link: Verizon agent (if you are running Edge that comes with Windows 10, skip step 3).

2. When prompted to save or run, click on Save.

vz down


3. When the download is complete, click on Run

vz down 2


4. The InstallShield Wizard Welcome screen should appear after a few seconds.  Click Next.

vz 1


5. Accept the terms of use for the Verizon software by clicking on “I accept the terms…” and then clicking Next.

vz 2


6. Enter your email as your username and your password and click Next.

vz 3


7. Click Install to continue.

vz 4

8. Windows will ask if you want to allow the following program to make changes to your computer, click Yes.  Windows may ask this question twice, please click Yes when prompted regarding allowing changes to your computer throughout the installation process.

Verizon allow changes

9. When you get the InstallShield Wizard Completed page, click Finish.

vz 5


10. Please restart your computer and you should be secured and ready to use the Garden.

Next step:

You can now verify that your system is secure, or return to the Setup Instructions for additional comments and suggestions.