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We have a lot of different ways to get support and find answers to your questions.

Report: To report a problem within the Resource Library or another service, please click here to notify us.

Software: If you are looking for software you can download for your use, we make available Thunderbird as an email client, Chrome as a browser, Open Office as an alternative to Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader to handle PDFs among software packages available for download.

Enrollment Form: Follow the appropriate link here if you are looking for a form to enroll in the service.

To have your computer unlocked for a third party to work on it please fill out the unlock request form.

Setup: If you are setting up a new device, please go to the Setup Instructions guide.

User Guides (protected computers only): Please visit the User Guides for the various components of the Garden to familiarize yourself with their function.

Support Help Desk: Second, please visited our Support Help Desk where you can search a Frequently Asked Questions forum, and, after registering, you can submit “Tickets” to support for us to respond.

Report a Problem in the Resource Library: click here to notify us.

If you have a question unrelated to the resource library please fill out the form below.

Contact Us:

For immediate assistance, Please call: 888-268-3953

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